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An American Dream!

A brilliant story about parents, their sacrifices,American dream and the joy, when it all comes together..


Herndon, VA!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Built This City.”

A quiet little town, a stones throw away from the capital.. Yet outside the beltway buzz.. A town with parks and trails, good schools and churches.. A town with variety of ethnic experiences.. But most importantly, a safe place to live..

I love Herndon, VA!





India’s Daughter!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A House Divided.”

A BBC documentary filmmaker made a documentary about thethe December  2012 rape and murder of an Indian Girl in Delhi. The audacity of the rapists and the sheer brutality had shook the entire nation, if not the world.

The documentary was scheduled to release last week but the Government of India banned the documentary. The government cited violations of the clauses and conditions, under which the filmmaker was permitted to interview the victim’s parents, the rapists, the rapists families and the police authorities. The Government also says that a documentary about a sensitive subject as this one may provocate the masses and disturb the law and order situation.

Supporters of the documentary say watching the documentary is a necessary step in confronting the problem of women’s rights in India. Banning the documentary is a step in sweeping the ugliness under the rug in attempts of protecting the status quo. They highlight the need to revisit ideas about patriarchy and the ethnocentrism in the male dominated Indian culture, if India has any plans of being a truly global force.

Put the mind in the driver’s seat!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

In one word, Mindfulness..

I’m good at what I do.. But at times, I feel that do just enough to stay afloat, not because I cannot do better but because I just go through the motions and do what is expected of me.

What I’d like to do is become aware of every small action.. Understand what I am doing, why I am doing it..

Its like a chef wielding a high end knife.. We all see them make those blitz speed fancy cuts.sometimes showing off by looking at the camera, while the steel moves at a pace where one false move and the chef would lose a finger..

But while the eyes are looking at the camera,the mind is focused on the blade.. Focus with the mind is what I want to do.. The body has to follow.. Doesn’t have a choice..

Grandpa, I miss you!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

My grandfather, whom we affectionately called Appa, passed away on May 21st 2011 in India. I learnt about this over the phone, here in the US on the night of the 20th.

Incidentally, this was the day when Harold Camping had made the prophecy that this would be the day of rapture.. The prophecy turned out to be bogus, but the first thought that crossed my mind upon hearing the news was “Appa was a great soul and hence was called up in heaven”.

A self made man, who lived a life of discipline, he died a peaceful death. He had a passion for learning.. He got his masters degree while providing for his family of 5 kids, and law degree upon retirement. A stroke left him partially paralyzed in his later years but he kept his life going.. Reading the daily newspaper, writing his daily journal.. All his belongings neatly placed where they should be. Everything thing had a place and a reason.

I could not go back home and participate in his last rites. Upon losing him, I felt this feeling of being an orphan.. When I walked the fairways at my neighborhood golf course,I felt this feeling of emptiness.. A feeling that a family might feel upon losing their house to a twister, the night before..a feeling that all is finished…

But I know, he is looking down upon me and my family and is feeling proud of his achievements.. In our happiness, he smiles for doing a great job of raising the family right..

My son is 14 months old today and in him, I see glimpse of my grandpa.. He is a part of our lives through the mischievous twinkle in my son’s eyes.

Rest in peace, old man.. Its peace well deserved for a life lived well!

I’ll be back!!

Wow.. 6 weeks since I last posted something.. No regrets.. I know I am working on something that will make me grow tremendously.. 5 more weeks and I will nail it..

eye on the prize..

Growing pains..

Growing pains..

Are totally worth it!

Are totally worth it!

Zzzzzzz for health and wealth..

Last two days were weird.. Lazy days, with not much work.. Procrastinated household chores, the active me bugging myself to get a structure to my day.. Have a routine… The lazy me saying chill out while you can..

I hit the sack at around 11 PM, reflecting about another aimless day.. Another flip of the old school calendar.. A time card punched with routine hours, without substance..what the f:@$ am I doing with my life?

I started reading about how to build structure to my day.. One thing let to another and I was up until 3:45 AM.. I felt miserable all day today and spent another day watching the grass grow.. Paycheck comes in, but this is not what I want..

Time to take some corrective action.. I read this great article and really wanted to share it with ya’ll.
as soon as I hit the publish button, I will be sleeping I promise..

An awesome life on two wheels.. a firm grasp on the handle and joy pushing the pedals

Last month, I had exchanged a few messages with a total stranger on WordPress. A conversation about the favorite sunsets/beaches.. She told me that she was headed to Europe for a bicycling vacation..I forgot about it.

This evening, I was feeling dull.. feeling that I am getting lazy and I should do some activity that would get the happy juices flowing again.. And then I thought of Sue.. My Canadian friend.. I dug into my archives, looked up her blog and checked out the pictures from her trip.. WOW!

Amazing Amazing pictures.. Check it out.. Travel Tales of Life

My school boy journey started at 21

August did not have much of a significance for me, while growing up. I grew up in India.. The schools reopened after the Summer break in June. By the time August came along, we were already preparing for the first mid-term. August also coincided with the holy Hindu month of Shravan.. It used to come in with a lot of holidays – religious holidays, 15th August (Indian Independence Day). It also is right in the midst of the Monsoon season. It rained a lot.. everything was green n wet and as a schoolboy, I used to pray that it rained just enough for school to be out.. but not so much that Mom wouldn’t allow us to play soccer in the rain and mud. Believe me, playing soccer in the rain is a TREAT..

I love August..

I love August..

I was 21 years old, when I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in the US. Fall Semester. Fresh off the boat into a new land. My friends from India who landed in the North, started making plans for trips to watch Fall Colors..I naively asked, whats a good spot to view fall colors in Florida.. People stared at me, as if I am an asylum escapee. 

As the years progressed, I became more n more Americanized. I started making plans for Labor Day camping trips, cookouts and Fantasy Football Drafts. August is the time, when the NFL pre-season begins. If you are into fantasy football, it is a time to watch as you can spot some diamonds in the rough. 

College Days are gone.. Now, as a working professional, August is about enjoying the last few days of summer. If I haven’t already been on a vacation, it is time to take a week or two off to hit the beach with the family. Maybe a golfing trip with buddies. 

August sometimes feels like someone in the early stages of the mid-life crisis.. the happy sunny days of youth are dwindling fast and soon the short, cold days will be here.. Thank God for football  for helping in maintaining sanity during the dark cold days of winter.