Its complicated!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

I had a really rough week.Friday evening seemed like a welcome relief. I poured myself a drink, lay on the couch dreaming about what’s waiting for me at workwork on Monday.. Dumbest thing to think of but when you have a rough week at a job that you have to do.. In the midst of a recession..its expected.  Work becomes the source of your biggest misery, but the fact that you have a job when millions don’t also makes you feel grateful to have that misery.

Speaking of dreams, in a nightmarish mood, the three recurring nightmares for me are:

1. Being chased by lions.

2. I fail in an exam.

3. I am running late for something that I absolutely cannot miss.

I dozed off on my couch.. The familiar lion came by to say hello.. It didn’t scare me as much today.. Donno why.. Had I stayed with him long enough, I could have sworevthat he purred and not roared..familiarity with the beast breeds confidence, I guess.

I walk past the lion to a news stand and the headline on the newspaper read “School board cancels all exams!”

Delighted, I walk to my scheduled appointment.. Time check..15 minutes to go before my appointment. I  say to myself.. Boy, somebody is taking my nightmares and shredding them..

I browse the magazine, waiting for the nurse to arrive. She does and takes me through the hallway and instead of  the usual “Dr. XYZ will see you in room … “.. She said, pick a door and pick a doctor..

I chose the corner room and the prettiest doctor.. I walk up to the room, open the door and..


Another nurse hands me a pill saying ” boy, you are tripping”.. You are a week late to your appointment, your test results are horribly wrong and getting hair extensions for your cat does not make him a lion “..


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