Friday the 13th, NJTP!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fight or Flight.”

It was Friday the 13th.. Going northbound on New Jersey Turnpike.

I had a rental car and I was in the second last lane, stopped at a cash window of a toll booth. In the last lane, there was a 18 wheeler semi.

I pay my toll and slowly pull out. The trailer must have been a few feet ahead of me on the right. Speeds must not be over 15 mph.

There was a car immediately behind me.. Suddenly, the trailer merges in my lane.. No indicator, no blinkers.. Nothing.. I slam the brakes hard and honk as hard as I could.. The car behind me nearly rear ends me.. The truck driver decides to go ahead with his plans.

Here I am trapped and can do nothing but watch the behemoth approaching the right front side of my car.. Finally, he must have seen me I the rear view mirror and he swerved hard right causing the left rear of his truck to clip the bumper of my car..

Because I was steady, it all seemed to happen in slow motion.. My heart was pounding, thought I nearly died.. But when I opened my eyes, I saw I wasn’t hurt.. Car damage was minor.. I had comprehensive coverage insurance.. Nothing to worry about and a Friday the 13th story..

All is well!


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