Back to the basics!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Plot of Earth.”

I often question, what have we achieved as humans? We built great civilizations, only to see them rot from within because of greed.. We reshaped land and made monuments only to see them wither away in time.. We have great stories of wars and victories which conveniently gloss over the anguish and suffering of those who lost. We have defined a map of the world where a few live in absolute luxury while a majority struggles to get by..

If you are in the select few, we might not complain.. If you are in the majority, you see the obvious glitches in the picture.. How about we try to fix it?

Get a plot of land.. And use resources to provide for basic survival and nothing else.. A living where you have to work for the food, clothing and shelter.. No air conditioning, no drive through restaurants, for that matter no restaurants… No malls.. You hunt/gather food and you eat.. You knit your own yarn and you cover yourselves up.. A self contained, self sufficient village.. You want something, you walk up and talk to your fellow village occupant.. No metros where you don’t know your neighbor..

Ahh.. This is an impractical dreamland in the modern times.. But this is how we were when us as humans were happy.. We had set duties and life has a purpose..



2 responses to “Back to the basics!

  • Dave75

    i agree 100 %-i grew up in the late 30s-early 40s-life was a lot simpler-grew or own food-had fruit trees-all those things you mention-keep on writing


    • soulcurryz

      I grew up in a small town in India before my Dad got transferred to a megalopolis in Mumbai.. While big city living offered some benefits, I find myself getting nostalgic about the pleasures of simple living in a small town.. Thanks for your kind words of appreciation!


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