Bidar.. a place of warmth and small town cool

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tourist Trap.”


I wouldn’t say that I went to this place as a tourist.. My aunt lives there.. I must have spent at least 3 summer vacations (2-3 months) there and the memories of the place are very pleasant.. In fact, when I find that I am worried or off-balance mentally, I like to think of this place to calm me down..

Bidar Fort

Bidar.. A town on the Deccan plateau of India .. Crown of Karnataka.. A town rich in history.. Capital of 14th century Bahamani kingdom..A quaint little place with red dirt.. A town where summer evenings were spent playing amongst 500 year old relics if Ali Bari, Sabbal Bari, where women come to pray for a child.. Ali Bari, the graveyard of the Sultan and his hundred wives..A walk across town was a passtime.. Of the dilkhush ( puff pastry with sweetened shredded coconut and nuts).. Of the underground and partially underwater temple of Dharni Narsimha.. but most importantly, the home of my favorite aunt..

My aunt who took care of me as her own since Day1 of my existence.. Who never judged me for my mischiefs, someone who always saw the good in me, when I was branded not so kindly because of my vices.. My aunt is someone who moistens my eyes with tears, everytime I think of her.. She is the sweetest!!


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  • bidarpropertiesbidar properties


    jOIN US HERE :-

    This group is created with an aim to unite the voices of its residents, supporters & well-wishers of entire Bidar town on various issues of improvement, development, growth, peace, prosperity & harmony.
    The issue surrounding at the moment are:
    1. Issues of improvements of the node regarding Road, Water, Sewerage, transport, Gardens & other infrastructure and developmental issues.
    2. Creating a common platform for solution of problems in various sectors.
    3. Creation & development of recreational facilities in Bidar.
    4. Check on slums in the node so that our town is not converted into a Dharavi in view of rapid development & influx of growing population due to upcoming Airport, Townships .
    5. Raising & solving grievances related to consumer protection, education, health, corruption, transport & environment.
    There may be many & more issues that are & will be affecting people of Bidar. We can include those in due course.
    Let us all unite & come under the umbrella of ONE GROUP which is called – “HAMARA BIDAR”.
    If you are from Bidar (karnataka) or surrounding area like Aurad, Humnabad , Bhalki , Shahapur , Hallikhed , Gulbarga or place with in 150 Kms from Bidar but in karnataka state than join us now .
    All are free to express their views, comments, critics, suggestions recommendations. However, language of personal attack, abuses or foul words are strictly prohibited the Group does not own any responsibility for the acts, deeds, language, views opinions of its members if it violets any law. Pl keep this group free from any such issue & let the refreshing, clear & smiling voices flow for the interest of our beloved town – BIDAR


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