Charity begins at home!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

I came back from a month long trip to India, last week. India has changed a lot since I used to call it home, 15 years ago. Today, the cost of livingliving in Mumbai is at par with the cost of living in Washington, if not higher.. Apartments that cost well over a million dollars, people casually dropping $40,000 on cars and a $1000 on cellphones..

But that is the story in the urban upper middle class circles.. Out on the street, not much has changed. The “common man” is still getting crushed between the walls of inflation and wages that fail to catch up.

Very often we see moms struggling to feed their children. Children on the street begging for food. Child hunger is the global issue that I would like to address..

Here is what people of Mumbai are doing about it:

Here is what I intend to do:

1. Stop wasting food. Every time I feed my kid, I give him small portions and repeat servings as necessary. This tells him to finish the food in the plate and not waste food. I and my wife try to do the same. We are fortunate to have warm food and its time we learn to be grateful about it.

2. Instead of donating to religious charities that offer flowers and candles to an unseen god, donate to causes that help fellow humans. We know their suffering is for real.


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