I chose to use it!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Use It or Lose It.”

“I thought we’d never come back from that one”..

But I did.. And I’m glad that ” that one” happened to me.

I guess, the prompt talks about a crisis situation.. A “wanna get away moment”.. And its up to us to use it to grow as a person or run away, hide and fear it for the rest of our lives, thereby losing the chance..

It happened to me in a close game of cricket. I had a great game as a batsman, scored bulk of my team’s runs but not having a great day bowling. I told my captain to pull me out of the attack. Other bowlers did fabulously well.. A close game was on.

I took a great catch to dismiss one of their top batsman and that sort of gave me a confidence to bowl. I asked my captain, if I may and he looked at my confidence and handed me the ball.

There was dew on the field and I was having a tough time gripping the ball. So I decided to bowl the first one a touch slower.. It slipped and ended up being a juicy full-toss.. Whack for a six.. Next ball.. Was a dot ball.. I said OK.. Let’s do it again.. Dot ball again.. Next ball, went waist high full toss.. No ball.. Whacked for six.. Next ball same thing.. All in all I gave 26 runs in the over.. Game was out of our hands..

My team pissed off and the whole crowd ridiculed me.. As I lay on the field ashamed, the best bowler in the tournament walked up to me, picked me up and said “shit happens”..

I went home and I knew my days as a cricketer in the local tournament was over..

Few weeks later, I get a call from the guy who picked me up and he invited me to play at a leather ball tournament. It had rained and none of the established bowlers were able to handle the ball. He asked me to bowl and since I knew what not to do, I had a great day.. Bowling figures.. 3-0-12-4 (3 overs, 0 maidens, 12 runs and 4 wickets)..

When the nightmare over was on, I wished I’d never get out of the humiliation.. But I’m glad I did.. I chose to use the lesson learnt and not lose it!


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