un-invent farmville!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

This was easy.. I would uninvent Farmville, the social media game in a heartbeat..

Here is why:

1. While Farmville appealed to the dormant emotion of being on the farm, toiling in the sun to produce fresh food, it became a pain in the youknowwhat. In the zest to gain neighbors and enriching their farms, the gamers started hounding their friends on social media.

2. It became the precursor to a lot of similar games.. Citiville, dockville  and what not.. And the most annoying game of modern time, Candycrush borrowed the send invite  and make their lives miserable idea to friends on social media.

3. It’s a ridiculous waste of time.. All that hard work and you don’t even get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I know a cousin who set an alarm at 3 AM to harvest the crop else it would burn. Dude belongs in an asylum.

4. To make matters worse, people post pictures of their tricked out farms.. This is as annoying as people posting pictures of their breakfast/lunch/dinner but at least they enjoyed (or at the very least consumed) it.

5. I hoped that for the super users, Farmville would organize a day trip to a real farm.. So that the “farmers” can identify a real olive tree and check out a corn farm for real.. They didn’t..coz I doubt they themselves know what it takes..

I guess that’s all.. My other choices for stuff I wish was never invented-

Reality Television, entertainment wrestling!


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