Five foods I cannot live without

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Five a Day.”

Its 10 days until I plan to start eating I will indulge but try to keep it balanced..


If you’ve ever been a bachelor and away from home, you’d understand the importance of this versatile super food.. From hardboiled to scrambled to omlettes to fancy Benedicts..Eggs will provide an endless array of breakfast items.

Throw them in a onion curry and you have lunch/dinner options as well.


An onion is a staple to Indian cuisine. It forms the base of majority of curries and is also eaten as a salad item in India as well ( the smell shouldn’t bother me since its just me and my captors and I sure as hell am not trying to impress them.. They can get mint in their goody bags of 5 foods and I can share some of my food with them).


No brainer here.. No meat can be as versatile, easy to cook as chicken. Tons of options.


Need them carbs if you are planning to be stranded. From humble plain boiled rice to delectable Biryani, rice is the staple food of majority of world’s population for a reason.


Unless you are in love with your captors, being held captive can be a depressing situation.. Need something sweet to boost your spirits.. Since my goody bag doesn’t have much of a room for cooking desserts, a simple rice pudding or an occasional meringue would satisfy my sweet tooth while in captivity.


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