Zzzzzzz for health and wealth..

Last two days were weird.. Lazy days, with not much work.. Procrastinated household chores, the active me bugging myself to get a structure to my day.. Have a routine… The lazy me saying chill out while you can..

I hit the sack at around 11 PM, reflecting about another aimless day.. Another flip of the old school calendar.. A time card punched with routine hours, without substance..what the f:@$ am I doing with my life?

I started reading about how to build structure to my day.. One thing let to another and I was up until 3:45 AM.. I felt miserable all day today and spent another day watching the grass grow.. Paycheck comes in, but this is not what I want..

Time to take some corrective action.. I read this great article and really wanted to share it with ya’ll.


as soon as I hit the publish button, I will be sleeping I promise..


2 responses to “Zzzzzzz for health and wealth..

  • raroto

    This ‘night owl’ (is there such a thing as ‘day owl’?) says good night to you! Hope you have a restful sleep.. 🙂
    Oh and thanks for the link, very informative and scary bits to learn from it!


    • soulcurryz

      Thanks, my friend.. Yes.. I slept really well last night.. And I had a ton of energy today.. Finished a lot of pending work, done with a couple of assignments, mowed the lawn.. I feel great! How have you been?


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