Weekend Warriors!

This weekend, I really feel like one. Friday evening was spent with the family. It started with an evening stroll with my wife. We walked past a free live music concert in the downtown area of my small little town, hung out for a song or two.I wished I could stay a bit longer. But we had a few parental responsibilities to fulfill. Bathe our son, feed him.. Keep an eye on him, while he crawled around the house.. exploring new corners, new “toys”. While I watched my son, my wife cooked his dinner.. mashed rice and lentils.. I’ve tasted it once.. Blah! I wonder how babies eat the bland baby food. I can’t think of a better example of “Ignorance is bliss”.. After feeding, we ate dinner, while the little one played in his playpen. I prepared formula for him, while my wife did the dishes.. then she was heard singing a lullaby.. and the little one was safely tucked in the bed. We watched a movie but halfway through, we both were sleepy.. Good night.

I woke up early and headed out to play Golf. I didn’t have a tee time. The starter said, you can play right now or wait for 4 hours. I paid and started playing.. No breakfast.. by the fourth hole, I was hungry and could not focus anymore. Luckily, the beer cart showed up.. I got an energy bar and continued playing. I did ok. Shot a 88.. right around my 14 handicap. While walking off the 18th green, my wife called.”Our son has 102 fever, I called the doctor and I am headed there now. Can you be home in 10 minutes?”

I rushed home and we were on our way to the doctor. The doctor said that my son has a bacterial infection. He gave us 2 antibiotics (one oral, one ointment). We came home, gave him the meds and he slept. In a few hours, the doctor called again saying that there is another ointment that she wanted us to treat my son with. The local pharmacy didn’t have it. I went to a different pharmacy,they had a partial stock. I got whatever they had. We applied some on my son. He slept for an hour and woke up at midnight.

The infection was making him very restless. Poor thing was just unable to sleep. I got him to our bedroom and had him sleep with us. He was kicking, tossing and turning, ALL NIGHT LONG.

I had to finish a few assignments at work. I did that and crashed at around 3 PM. Woke up at around 8.. Missed all football games, didn’t have a chance to work on this assignment on time. Now that the baby is sleeping peacefully, I am feeling much better. Usually Sunday nights are gloomy about the weekend coming to an end. Tonight, I feel Good..It was a hectic weekend.. but I feel the joy of being a fatigued weekend warrior.. a VICTORIOUS weekend warrior.


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