Changing the blog theme

i must have changed the theme on my blog at least a dozen times in my first week with WordPress. It was kinda cool. Some themes gave a uber elegant professional look, while a few made me feel as if I am in my 8 year old niece’s room – very bubblegum pink.

So when Blogging 101, gave us this assignment, it kind of validated that I did at least something right in my first week. I am not sure, what the right kind of theme-content combo is.. but I used to love the Twenty Eleven Theme. It was concise, clean and very simplistic. 

I thought, I would give a new theme a try.. a theme very different from the one I had. I selected the Elegant Grunge theme.It has a very old school rustic feel to it.. almost like a fresh canvas of an artist was delivered by someone who just finished firing up his charcoal charcoal grill.. Lets give it a try.

How do you like them apples? Lemme know..


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