Dear Dream Reader,


So.. We finally meet.. Welcome.. Hope you find this space entertaining. I know you will. You will be glued to this place like a “serious reader” is hooked on to his favorite book. Does that make me the greatest blog writer in the history of mankind.. perhaps not.. So what makes you spend so much time out here.. Haven’t figured it out, yet? Because you are a product of my imagination.

Now that we have defined, why you are the #1 visitor, my preferred customer,my VIP.. lets talk about what content do I put out, that would bring you over and over to my blog. This is in a way related to one of the coursers, that I took at Coursera. Its called

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization

It was a pretty cool course. It highlights defining your audience, laying out content that would appeal to my candidate customer and deploying it using a medium that my audience is most likely to choose.

The medium is set. Its my blog.

My candidate audience: Readers in 18-65 category, who like to use the internet to view whats new. Folks who surf the web to read news, pursue hobbies, interact with like minded people.

Content: Not so fast.. You will have to come by at a later time for that.

Assuming that you are a real person, I expect you to let me know what you think. That will help me know what you like.. so that I can post content, that would make you want to come back for more.

Here’s to a long and happy journey together!


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