Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Who are you? On the sounds like a census question.. with a dry answer like.. I am a 36 year old male from Mumbai, India, currently residing just outside of Washington D.C. I work as a IT professional for a Federal Contractor.

A touch more interesting answer would be.. I am a person who likes to learn.. Learn playing Golf, playing the guitar.. like to shoot amateur photographs from the weekend hikes in Northern Virginia. I like to cook and mix coctails.. I like to read and smoke cigars.. Am I an afficionado at any of the above..NO! Do I like to think of myself as a connoisseur? Sometimes..

Why do I blog? I wrote about it a while back..

Also here..

The biggest reason, why I like to publish my thoughts, my pictures and my recipes is because I know I wont be judged here. After all, there is one in a million chance of meeting someone who reads my blog.. My friends n family  wont read it because they might be in the pictures, stories that I am about to share here.

This is a place where I can exist and let my hair down.. Blogging101 to me is like going to a ball park.. where people whom you normally see in suits n ties, have paint on their faces and passionate cheers on their lips.. I like that.. and would love to be a part of the crew.



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