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Zzzzzzz for health and wealth..

Last two days were weird.. Lazy days, with not much work.. Procrastinated household chores, the active me bugging myself to get a structure to my day.. Have a routine… The lazy me saying chill out while you can..

I hit the sack at around 11 PM, reflecting about another aimless day.. Another flip of the old school calendar.. A time card punched with routine hours, without substance..what the f:@$ am I doing with my life?

I started reading about how to build structure to my day.. One thing let to another and I was up until 3:45 AM.. I felt miserable all day today and spent another day watching the grass grow.. Paycheck comes in, but this is not what I want..

Time to take some corrective action.. I read this great article and really wanted to share it with ya’ll.
as soon as I hit the publish button, I will be sleeping I promise..


Some Amazing Photos!

Some amazing photos..

Weekend Warriors!

This weekend, I really feel like one. Friday evening was spent with the family. It started with an evening stroll with my wife. We walked past a free live music concert in the downtown area of my small little town, hung out for a song or two.I wished I could stay a bit longer. But we had a few parental responsibilities to fulfill. Bathe our son, feed him.. Keep an eye on him, while he crawled around the house.. exploring new corners, new “toys”. While I watched my son, my wife cooked his dinner.. mashed rice and lentils.. I’ve tasted it once.. Blah! I wonder how babies eat the bland baby food. I can’t think of a better example of “Ignorance is bliss”.. After feeding, we ate dinner, while the little one played in his playpen. I prepared formula for him, while my wife did the dishes.. then she was heard singing a lullaby.. and the little one was safely tucked in the bed. We watched a movie but halfway through, we both were sleepy.. Good night.

I woke up early and headed out to play Golf. I didn’t have a tee time. The starter said, you can play right now or wait for 4 hours. I paid and started playing.. No breakfast.. by the fourth hole, I was hungry and could not focus anymore. Luckily, the beer cart showed up.. I got an energy bar and continued playing. I did ok. Shot a 88.. right around my 14 handicap. While walking off the 18th green, my wife called.”Our son has 102 fever, I called the doctor and I am headed there now. Can you be home in 10 minutes?”

I rushed home and we were on our way to the doctor. The doctor said that my son has a bacterial infection. He gave us 2 antibiotics (one oral, one ointment). We came home, gave him the meds and he slept. In a few hours, the doctor called again saying that there is another ointment that she wanted us to treat my son with. The local pharmacy didn’t have it. I went to a different pharmacy,they had a partial stock. I got whatever they had. We applied some on my son. He slept for an hour and woke up at midnight.

The infection was making him very restless. Poor thing was just unable to sleep. I got him to our bedroom and had him sleep with us. He was kicking, tossing and turning, ALL NIGHT LONG.

I had to finish a few assignments at work. I did that and crashed at around 3 PM. Woke up at around 8.. Missed all football games, didn’t have a chance to work on this assignment on time. Now that the baby is sleeping peacefully, I am feeling much better. Usually Sunday nights are gloomy about the weekend coming to an end. Tonight, I feel Good..It was a hectic weekend.. but I feel the joy of being a fatigued weekend warrior.. a VICTORIOUS weekend warrior.

Changing the blog theme

i must have changed the theme on my blog at least a dozen times in my first week with WordPress. It was kinda cool. Some themes gave a uber elegant professional look, while a few made me feel as if I am in my 8 year old niece’s room – very bubblegum pink.

So when Blogging 101, gave us this assignment, it kind of validated that I did at least something right in my first week. I am not sure, what the right kind of theme-content combo is.. but I used to love the Twenty Eleven Theme. It was concise, clean and very simplistic. 

I thought, I would give a new theme a try.. a theme very different from the one I had. I selected the Elegant Grunge theme.It has a very old school rustic feel to it.. almost like a fresh canvas of an artist was delivered by someone who just finished firing up his charcoal charcoal grill.. Lets give it a try.

How do you like them apples? Lemme know..

An awesome life on two wheels.. a firm grasp on the handle and joy pushing the pedals

Last month, I had exchanged a few messages with a total stranger on WordPress. A conversation about the favorite sunsets/beaches.. She told me that she was headed to Europe for a bicycling vacation..I forgot about it.

This evening, I was feeling dull.. feeling that I am getting lazy and I should do some activity that would get the happy juices flowing again.. And then I thought of Sue.. My Canadian friend.. I dug into my archives, looked up her blog and checked out the pictures from her trip.. WOW!

Amazing Amazing pictures.. Check it out.. Travel Tales of Life

Dear Dream Reader,


So.. We finally meet.. Welcome.. Hope you find this space entertaining. I know you will. You will be glued to this place like a “serious reader” is hooked on to his favorite book. Does that make me the greatest blog writer in the history of mankind.. perhaps not.. So what makes you spend so much time out here.. Haven’t figured it out, yet? Because you are a product of my imagination.

Now that we have defined, why you are the #1 visitor, my preferred customer,my VIP.. lets talk about what content do I put out, that would bring you over and over to my blog. This is in a way related to one of the coursers, that I took at Coursera. Its called

Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization

It was a pretty cool course. It highlights defining your audience, laying out content that would appeal to my candidate customer and deploying it using a medium that my audience is most likely to choose.

The medium is set. Its my blog.

My candidate audience: Readers in 18-65 category, who like to use the internet to view whats new. Folks who surf the web to read news, pursue hobbies, interact with like minded people.

Content: Not so fast.. You will have to come by at a later time for that.

Assuming that you are a real person, I expect you to let me know what you think. That will help me know what you like.. so that I can post content, that would make you want to come back for more.

Here’s to a long and happy journey together!

Changing the Title n Tagline

As a part of the Blogging101 assignment, I changed the blog title.. It used to be

Guess I am going low carb.. Drop the Rice (nothing to do with the Ray Rice controversy).. love the Curry..

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Who are you? On the sounds like a census question.. with a dry answer like.. I am a 36 year old male from Mumbai, India, currently residing just outside of Washington D.C. I work as a IT professional for a Federal Contractor.

A touch more interesting answer would be.. I am a person who likes to learn.. Learn playing Golf, playing the guitar.. like to shoot amateur photographs from the weekend hikes in Northern Virginia. I like to cook and mix coctails.. I like to read and smoke cigars.. Am I an afficionado at any of the above..NO! Do I like to think of myself as a connoisseur? Sometimes..

Why do I blog? I wrote about it a while back..

Also here..

The biggest reason, why I like to publish my thoughts, my pictures and my recipes is because I know I wont be judged here. After all, there is one in a million chance of meeting someone who reads my blog.. My friends n family  wont read it because they might be in the pictures, stories that I am about to share here.

This is a place where I can exist and let my hair down.. Blogging101 to me is like going to a ball park.. where people whom you normally see in suits n ties, have paint on their faces and passionate cheers on their lips.. I like that.. and would love to be a part of the crew.