My school boy journey started at 21

August did not have much of a significance for me, while growing up. I grew up in India.. The schools reopened after the Summer break in June. By the time August came along, we were already preparing for the first mid-term. August also coincided with the holy Hindu month of Shravan.. It used to come in with a lot of holidays – religious holidays, 15th August (Indian Independence Day). It also is right in the midst of the Monsoon season. It rained a lot.. everything was green n wet and as a schoolboy, I used to pray that it rained just enough for school to be out.. but not so much that Mom wouldn’t allow us to play soccer in the rain and mud. Believe me, playing soccer in the rain is a TREAT..

I love August..

I love August..

I was 21 years old, when I decided to pursue my Masters Degree in the US. Fall Semester. Fresh off the boat into a new land. My friends from India who landed in the North, started making plans for trips to watch Fall Colors..I naively asked, whats a good spot to view fall colors in Florida.. People stared at me, as if I am an asylum escapee. 

As the years progressed, I became more n more Americanized. I started making plans for Labor Day camping trips, cookouts and Fantasy Football Drafts. August is the time, when the NFL pre-season begins. If you are into fantasy football, it is a time to watch as you can spot some diamonds in the rough. 

College Days are gone.. Now, as a working professional, August is about enjoying the last few days of summer. If I haven’t already been on a vacation, it is time to take a week or two off to hit the beach with the family. Maybe a golfing trip with buddies. 

August sometimes feels like someone in the early stages of the mid-life crisis.. the happy sunny days of youth are dwindling fast and soon the short, cold days will be here.. Thank God for football  for helping in maintaining sanity during the dark cold days of winter. 



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