Lip Out that caused the pouty lip


Missed it, mate..

I play Golf, every weekend with my buddies. We keep it serious by pooling in $25 per head in a winner take all, round. If the scores are tied, the pot rolls over to the next week. This last weekend, the pot was $300 and that’s when my why, thank you moment struck.

I am a 12 handicap golfer. The other three in the foursome are anywhere between 10-15 handicaps. So our games are roughly in the same ballpark. I was having a great round was 8 over through the 17th hole, leading by a stroke. 

We walk up to the 18th tee. 485 yard, Par 5.. slight dogleg right, wind helping. I was second to tee off. The person who was trailing me by a stroke was coming off a birdie. He had the honors. He hit a monster drive, about 265 but the ball trickled into the first cut, just to the right of the fairway. He had a great angle at the left back pin location. 

I walk up to the tee.. telling myself to keep it in the fairway.. I swing relatively easy and hit the ball down the middle but only 250 yards. The other two tee’d off. They were trailing me by about 5 and 7 strokes respectively. I wasn’t too worried about them. They played their second shots.

It was my turn. Decision time.. Should I go for the green or should I lay up. I decide to play safe.. I pull out my 9 iron, hit a beauty.. down the middle 135 yards.. with exactly 100 yards to go.. My easy gap wedge distance.. I am all excited..

My friend, pulls out 3 wood.. spanks the ball really well.. He is on the green about 60 feet from the hole.

We play our third shots.. I stick it in to 6 feet. My buddy hits a great lag putt.. he is 2 feet away.. right in my line. He asked me if he can finish off.. Now, I wasn’t sure.. If I allow him to finish off and he makes the putt.. it would cause unnecessary pressure on me.. but it would also give me the line to make my putt. I allowed him to finish it. It rolled in to the bottom of the cup.

I went ahead with my pre-shot routine.. Lined up my birdie putt.. hit it exactly how I wanted to hit it, exactly where I wanted to hit it..It rolled.. kissed the rim.. did a 360 and lipped out.. Par for me.. Birdie for my friend.. The pot rolls over to $400.

I had it all.. then one of the guys from the foursome said.. “You played beautifully from tee to the green”.

Why? Thank you..

Sure, I would have taken this as a compliment on any other .. but on this hole.. it seemed he was talking about the missed putt. They don’t call 6 footer knee-knockers for nothing..


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