Tunnel Vision – US Capitol

The other end of my tunnel would be the US Capitol


Why the Capitol?

  1. This building is the place that in some way impacts the lives of billions. That’s right, I said Billions, not just 325 million Americans. The policies decided here, affects the US domestic policy as well as the policy abroad. 
  2. An act of Congress, determines the path that the US Government takes, the funds it allocates to the different programs. The influence of the US economy on the world, cannot be denied. If they screw up, the impacts are felt worldwide. 
  3. Domestically, it impacts every aspect of an American’s life. It determines, where we stand as a society. From Healthcare to Homeland Security, from price of gas to student loans. From what drugs get the FDA approval to what drugs get banned from the street.

Why is this an interesting place?

  1. The members of Congress receive some unbelievable perks – 239 days of vacation, a cushy salary and some really cool retirement benefits. 
  2. While those working in the private sector have SLAs and deadlines, they don’t apply to Members of Congress. Their approval ratings (in the teens) is pathetic, the kind that would get them fired in a heartbeat in the private sector. Yet, it doesn’t matter.
  3. They make you believe that its YOU that they care about.

Why do I want to be there?

  1. Just to find out, how the hell do adults with so much power act like toddlers on a sugar high? They can do so much and help out this country. Yet, they line up along party lines and create a scene, that you would expect at a child daycare. 
  2. To get an inside view to find out, whom are they really working for? How are bills drafted, who drafts them? How do they proceed through the different chambers and committees? How votes are conducted, how they are secured and how the bill becomes an Act of Congress?

The idea is not to take sides and blame one party or the other. Its just to understand, why do people with one of the best job in the world, act the way they do? After all, its the civic duty of every individual, who lives in a democracy. The voters have to connect to the legislative branch, understand the process.If not, the vote, the biggest power and responsibility that democracy offers, will just be a statistic, a number in the count.



6 responses to “Tunnel Vision – US Capitol

  • grieflessons

    So, I run away from everything and you run into the thick of it!!! Very commendable. I think I’ve given up on our politicians. Glad someone still has the faith to think change might be possible..Go to it!!! Judy


    • soulcurrynrice

      I must say, politics, policy making, implementation are things that interest me. I don’t necessarily like to take sides but I do like the legislative process.
      I hope the politicians realize the immense power they have. If they do some good work that helps the general population, the karma points would be of much more value than the campaign contributions and K street perks.. If only, they could see the tunnel..


      • grieflessons

        Unfortunately, I think if they knew this, they wouldn’t be in politics. It seems to attract bottom-feeders, with some exceptions.


      • soulcurrynrice

        Well if they know that people are watching and taking interest.. Maybe they’ll start behaving better.. Lol.. I know I sound delusional, to assume members of Congress will behave because Soul is watching…

        Liked by 1 person

  • grieflessons

    I absolutely agree. I have written more letters to congressmen this year than I have in my entire life before–and made more political contributions. I am so glad there are people like you who are concerned and want to do something about it. Cynicism never accomplished anything. You are totally in the right about this. We’ll all keep watching and writing and voting and hopefully a miracle will happen!

    Liked by 1 person

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