Off the Shelf – The Easy Way to Stop Smoking


One book that absolutely needs to get off the shelf, and read again, hopefully for the last time is The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr.

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Prompt, I have been a smoker for over 18 years. The biggest success I had at quitting was after reading this book. It’s too bad that I am smoking again, but I wish to make another sincere effort of quitting.

The book does a great job at dissecting the Two aspect of smoking.. Nicotine Addiction and Brainwashing. Nicotine leaves the system at end of Day 3 but the brainwashing is the culprit that causes relapse.
Most Smoke Cessation books lecture and scare people about the financial, health and social stigma associated with smoking. This book is like a candid conversation.
Links to the book from retailers:
Google Books
Barnes & Noble



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