10 Best Locations in the World to Watch a Sunset

I am not sure I agree with the selection here.. But a great compilation.. You won’t be disappointed.. Check it out..

Travel Tales of Life

Every day starts with a sunrise, but it’s what we do before it sets that matters.  

 K. Mcgraw

Manzanillo Mexico1) Manzanillo, Mexico

 Mam's Fish House Maui2) Mama’s Fish House – Maui, Hawaii

Lake Bled Slovenia3) Lake Bled, Slovenia

Sunset Taverna Oia Santorini Greec4) Sunset Taverna –  Oia, Santorini

Sunset St Lucia5) Castries, Saint Lucia

Sunset Negril Jamaica6) Negril, Jamaica

Tofino Canada7) Tofino, Canada

Sunset Lissbon Portugal8) Praça do Comércio – Lisbon, Portugal

Sunset Camogli Italy9) Camogli, Italy

Sunset Split Croatia10) Split, Croatia

Wishing you beautiful silhouettes and horizons all of your days.

Where have you found the best sunset? Feel free to share a link to your photo or post in the comments.

Photo credit #6 – Sandals Negril Photography

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7 responses to “10 Best Locations in the World to Watch a Sunset

  • Sue Slaght

    Thanks for sharing my post. Much appreciated! Where is your favorite spot to watch a sunset?


    • soulcurrynrice

      I loved the sunset at the Waikiki Beach, Oahu, HI .. Sure it’s commercial, but the Diamond-head crater, the town of Honolulu and the Hula celebrations make it magical.. BTW.. I n my wife were also at Sandals Negril in Dec. 2012.. The Sunset at Rick’s Cafe would definitely make my top 10.. After the cliff jump, watching the sunset with a cold Red Stripe.. Ya’maan.. My kind of evening..


      • Sue Slaght

        That’s great that you were at Negril. Sounds like a perfect evening indeed. I’ve never been to Oahu so will watch for that sunset one day. Thanks again!


      • soulcurrynrice

        You seem to have travelled a lot. I will follow your blog to get travel ideas and to reach out to you, should I need first hand information. Keep posting pictures..they are all wonderful!


      • Sue Slaght

        Yes we have had the good fortune to travel a fair amount in the past ten years. We are headed to Italy in a month on a cycling trip. Delighted to have you along and always happy to share information or be of help. Thank you for your very generous words.


      • soulcurrynrice

        Best Wishes for the trip.. I look forward to seeing some pictures.


      • Sue Slaght

        Thank you. I plan to blog on the go so will definitely be sharing photos. 🙂


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