Comment vs Like – a blog writers reaction

You sorted out your thoughts, zeroed in on a topic and write a blog. You are satisfied with the content, the media, the links, the pingbacks and the layout. You select a relevant category, add a few valid tags.. publicize it and hit publish..

After a few hours, you log in.. see a bunch of notifications.. let’s say 10 likes and 3 comments..what statistic makes you happy, the likes or the comments?

A comment tells you the involvement of the reader with your blog.. what they thought, what they liked, what they didn’t like..what if a bulk of the comments are negative? Do you retaliate, go in a shell and avoid blogging or do you take it as a self improvement action item?

A like is a silent appreciation.. a wink, a nod..a general positive sentiment.But you don’t know what the person liked? The content, images, layout or your about section.. it’s like an established movie critic giving a movie 2.5 stars, without a word of the movie review.. would you go and watch the movie?

For a new blogger, any interaction is good news.. it’s a signal that your voice is being heard.. but as you get better at blogging and more seasoned, you want to know more..

— Saturday afternoon thoughts..


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