The Name’s The Thing – a Bollywood take

The Daily Post asked if I have given a real name to an inanimate object. I would like to point a few references where an entire generation started doing so, because of the impact of Bollywood. 

In 1975, a Bollywood film named Sholay ( do check it out, it’s like a Western movie with some drama, suspense comedy…all out classic , was released. It is a cult classic and it is hard to find anyone from India, who speaks Hindi and is between the ages of 18-65, who does not know about the movie. I know, I added too many conditions here but it’s India ( Happy Independence Day) and at least 200 million people fit this criteria.

in the movie, the female lead actress is a horse-cart rider who provides transportation to passengers to and from the train station to neighboring villages. A mare pulls the horse and is named Dhanno.

From that point on, motorcycles in India have been nicknamed Dhanno. When it is a brand new shiny bike, she is referred to as a young Dhanno in her prime.. When the bike is old and a gas guzzler, it’s Dhanno has a well for a gas tank.

The movie’s star cast included Amitabh Bachchan.. Whose stature in Bollywood is Marlon Brando-esque. He was the angry young man who ruled Bollywood since mid 1970s . He also starred in some absolute brain jarring duds in the 1980s n 90s.

In 1991, he starred in a movie named Akayla ( stupid, stupid movie) where he has a car named Rampyaari. The car ( a old beat up Volkswagen bug) apparently had magical powers and it bailed the hero from tough situations. Heck, there also is a song dedicated to the automobile.

Ever since cars were referred to as Rampyaaris..

In 1971, a movie named Hathi, Mere Sathi (elephant, my partner, )was made starring the superstar of that period, Rajesh Khanna. In the movie, the elephant tows the actress’ stalled car. The hero sings a song ( in which he refers to the car as a ” khatara”.  Since then, khatara is a name given to junk/old cars in India.

Shakespeare said what’s in the name.. Well, Bollywood adapted his classics and Indianized them.. Othello becomes Omkara, Macbeth becomes Maqbool and Hamlet becomes Haider..the appearances change  but the person within doesn’t ..


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