Secret Admirers – Why don’t you show up on time?

Secret Admirers, often show up too late for me. I have never received a physical bouquet of flowers without a card. But often, I have received messages, emails, text messages from folks I knew well as acquaintances, but I had no clue they admired me secretly. The fact that this was a secret makes the bouquet of admiration, grow thorns that sometimes make me smile and at times question, why?

Its been 20 years since I graduated high school. Call it a mid-life crisis or some urge to connect with childhood friends, we have been having a huge surge in reunions, facebook groups, message boards. When someone at a reunion tells you, they used to have a crush on you, its hard not to ask.. why didn’t you tell me about it, when we were in school??. And why are you telling it, now? Secret Admiration is no fun, when it is not a secret anymore.And it goes both ways. Sometimes you are the admirer, at times the admired one. If you meet someone after a long time and if you had a crush should you express it, now?

Admiration can be a feeling of gratitude. Maybe a teacher said something, way back when in school, that hit you and positively changed your life. You may have never expressed it to them. But secretly, you thanked the teacher for the advice. I believe,in such a scenario, it is wise to express your gratitude and not keep it a secret. After all, when a person gets older, they regard the number of lives he/she touched positively, as their legacy .I believe, if its a Thank you note to someone you know, its better not to keep it a secret. If it is a help where the person may feel obliged if you reveal your identity, it is better to keep it a secret.

As it is said Matthew 6:1-8

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them.If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”


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