People of the Iowa State Fair

There is this Facebook page named People at the Iowa State Fair. It has folks posting pictures from the fair and facebook users having fun by posting comments that are sometimes mean, sometimes funny.

The page is hugely popular with about 70,000 likes and counting. Those who love it, say its people watching and it’s ok to have a bit of fun at other peoples expense. Others say, it’s bullying and fat shaming.

According to Yahoo,the administrator of the page might not actually post any of the content, but as a curator, he or she gives Facebook users (who aren’t anonymous) a place to create posts that are blatantly mean. Although many benign photos have been posted to the page (especially in the wake of the recent media coverage), the pictures in question objectify people for their weight, race, and sexual orientation and mocks other aspects of their appearances. From comparing a man to a large pumpkin, to zeroing in on one woman’s cellulite, the posts have recently been focused on fat-shaming. With comments such as “she looks like a cloud,” “Eww Omg,” “Meet “Jenny Craig,” and “nasty” to describe the hundreds of photos featured.

Your take? Agh, who cares.. I like the page and it’s funny.. People need to laugh at themselves and not get twisted as a pretzel, every time the joke is on them.


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