Robin Williams

A true actor who hid the demons inside his head behind the twinkle in his eyes n smile on his lips.. RIP Robin Williams.. O Captain,my captain!


Since first hearing the news at this afternoon’s PTA meeting that Robin Williams had been found dead, possibly by suicide, I have been trying to figure out why his death has been such a blow to me personally. Most often when a celebrity dies I feel awful for his/her family, but am not affected too much myself. But Robin Williams was different. And his death hurts right here.

Starting with the delightfully ridiculous Mork from Ork of “Mork and Mindy”, showing us in “Mrs. Doubtfire” how far a father would go to be with the children he loved, to breaking our hearts in “The Bird Cage”, Robin Williams has delighted us, outraged us, and made us think. (One of my favorite tee-shirts is the one I put on this morning for a church project. It has the Episcopal Church shield on the front, and on the back is his…

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