Food and the trickery of the brain..


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Food.. the easiest anti-depressant. Feeling down n out, cook up your favorite meal and the day brightens. Too lazy to cook.. simple.. order a pizza, just a slice.. Ha! There’z room for one more.. A full belly kicks out them blues.. I feel nice again.




Does this happen to you? It sure does for me. And when I look back at the foods that I eat when I am hungry, sad or just bored, I find my usually “eat healthy, eat junk foods in moderation” self, relegated in the corner and a “feed me now, instant gratification rocks” self taking over. And in the satisfactory haze that the good satisfying meal provides, I end up convincing myself that occasional gluttony is ok.




Although eating is primarily an activity triggered by hunger in the belly, enticed by the five senses and fed into the mouth by hands.. its the brain that is driving it all. The perception of hunger is definitely a mental phenomenon. When we are deeply engrossed at work or any activity, we tend to skip meals without even realizing it. And so often it happens that you walk past a coffee shop and crave a latte, when none of the feelings about needing caffeine existed.

Same goes with portion size. If you are at a table with relatively healthy strangers, you wont order the usual portions. You tend to be conservative. But when you are out on town with your buddies, its No holds barred.. you might eat twice as normal and feel shamelessly proud about it. What has comfort factor to do with perception of hunger? We tend to do things that we want, when we feel comfortable with the surroundings.. and it applies to food too.


If you are like Peter Griffin and walk about with a don’t give a damn attitude, the article ends here for you.

If you want to know about simple ways to trick your brain, read on. National Geographic has this program called Brain Games wherein they explain the idiosyncrasies of our brains using simple games. Here are a few simple tricks that we can try to make a difference without feeling like an ascetic monk.

Life is all about balance.. Too much of anything spoils everything. I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for a few of my fellow bloggers here. Their recipes are delicious, tasty and HEALTHY. Check them out.. You would enjoy every step of the way.. reading the well written blog, cooking the recipes that they propose and eating the sumptous food.

Patrons of the Pit


Cooking with a Wallflower







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