Are you ready for some football?

It is that time of the year.Your tea has been toiling in the heat at camp.. Maybe they already played their first pre-season game. You have identified some sleepers, who might make the team and shine in the big leagues.. The first-second round studs that your team drafted are ready for primetime.. That flashy Free Agent gives you hope that fortunes of your team might change this season.

All this is have one team to follow.. 90 players to track (53 by gameday).. You can watch Sportscenter and preseason games and be up to date at all you need to know. Or maybe follow local bloggers to get the inside scoop.



But fantasy football.. It’s a different beast.. 32 teams, transactions, depth charts, injury reports, schedules-a zillion things to keep track of. It’s not enough the team scores point.. Which player scores, how the touchdown is scored, how there is a BIG difference between QB throwing for 296 and 301 yards.. How a goal line stance against the opposing teams RB is a toast of your Sunday.

In his book “The wisdom of crowds” James Surowiecki explains how to use metrics to dominate in speculative group ventures. Here is how to use this information to dominate your football leagues.



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