Why blog?

What is the reason you blog? Is there one consistent reason or does it depend on the content, that we intent to share? 

Sometimes we believe that putting some thought in what we write changes the way we mentally approach things/situations/people. Sometimes, unknowingly, your post provides an alternate perspective to someone reading the post. 

The question was neatly answered by Paul Bogush in his blog:


“Why are you blogging?”  Donald Driver – former NFL Wide Receiver asked this question at Disney’s Social Media Moms Conference.Driver spoke to the crowd this past weekend about the motivation behind our blog posts, our tweets, our Facebook posts, our photos. Are you using your voice for good?

When I asked myself, why am I here.. I could thing of the following reasons.. 

  1. An alternate source of income.. True, I am a young pup at this game. My lifetime blog post count till date is not even in the double digits. So no.. I wont be leaving my day job just as yet. However, I do  believe that in a few years, I will learn and mature by reading blog posts from bloggers like Leo Babauta (ZenHabits), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Gina Marie Trapani (LifeHacker) et. al
  2. I blog because I enjoy documenting my thoughts. When I was young, my father asked me to write a diary.. a log of everyday.. things I did right, things I regret.. What I thought about major news events of the day.. He said that you can always read your entries to evaluate how much you have grown as a person. Well, I didn’t do that when I was young.. but its never too late.
  3. I blog to express my thoughts – There are things that I cannot share face to face. Maybe because it is politically incorrect or because it rips open the mask that I put on as wander everyday. The relative anonymity that the blog provides, helps me open up and say what I really feel like. 
  4. I want to share my experiences about food/places/people. This can be through photographs, artwork, recipes and just plain text. 
  5. I blog because I believe, I can start start conversations with people. I can share ideas, get their opinions and enrich each other lives. I make it a point to read the comments on other people’s blogs as it often provides an perspective that I missed. 

Maybe as I get better at blogging, I can put together content that would add value to the lives of those who take time to read my post and comment on it. 


Why do you do it?


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