Soul Curry


As the name curry suggests, Soul Curry is a delicacy from India. It is a popular dish along the West Coastal belt in the states of Maharashtra and Goa. Soul Curry (pronounced as SolKadhi in Marathi/Konkani) is a cold soup/curry made by soaking amsul/kokam fruit in coconut milk. Amsul/Kokam (garcinia indica) is a deep purple colored fruit that is sour/tart in taste.


Soaking the fruit in cold coconut milk creates a delicious drink of a soupy consistency. To add a bit of a bite, lightly fried of garlic, cumin seeds and green chilly is added. The lightly fried concoction is called a tadka. Soul curry is a routine part of Goan cuisine and is consumed along with rice, fried fish along with some seafood curry. A typical Goan plate with delicacy would look something like this:


Soul Curry is an extremely easy drink/soup to make. In the United States, the biggest challenge in my opinion is to get the Kokam.Typically, the Kokam available in Indian/Asian stories is a completely dried out fruit. This needs an extra soaking in warm water for about 15-20 minutes to soften the fruit up and extracting the pulp. As it is completely dried out, it tends to give a brownish color to the drink instead of the usual pinkish purple color.

Here is the recipe for making the dish:


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